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14th RoCHI 2017

International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Dates: 11-12 September 2017

Location: University of Craiova, Romania


Welcome to Tesys e-Learning System

Tesys is an e-Learning system that offers tools for providing Web-based publication of content, off-line data management and a custom recommender system. The system contains three tools.


This is a Web-based tool that allows learners to perform their educational activities. This means downloading courses, taking tests and exams, communicating with colleagues, professors and secretaries. The tool has also implemented administraton capabilities for professors and secretaries. These capabilities allow general administration of content: disciplines, chapters, documents, quizzzes, etc.


TDM. Tesys Data Manager

This is a desktop application that has implemented capabilities for managing the content of the Tesys-Web tool. TDM may edit the disciplines, chapters and other resources and can export/import data from/to Tesys-Web system.



eLeTK - eLearning Enhancer Tookit is a tool that works as a service along Tesys-Web. It can analyze data provided by Tesys-Web (e.g., the database, log files, etc.) in order to provide feedback for learners. eLeTK works as a recommender system for learners and professors. It may help learners to select educational resources (e.g., documents, test quizzes, etc.) that need more study and may estimate current accumulated knowledge.